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Monday, July 4, 2011

out out out ..

Today sam qing mm hou ...
ownself go qi'hse...
1st time 1ppl like tat walk into her hse..
damn hong bou ==
tat road no ppl geh ..
+ weather damn hot !
actually me wan 1ppl go t.s geh..
bt me miss bus ady ==
fine lur.....

at her hse keep "fat shan geng" ==
she also beh tahan me ady..
me moody mah..
and see japan cartoon !
long time no see ady ...

6pm like tat go jusco ..
eat eat eat..
see dou Jie's fren.. xD
and my 舅舅.. xP

oh !
and dominic ...
always tat face when saw us =="
9pm like tat back home =)

ntg 2 say laa..
juz wan update some photo.. xDD

5.05am o.0"
go sleep nah ...
nitezz .. x)

2morrow no school//
song ! x)

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